Year of birth: 1974
Place of residence: Pfitsch / South Tyrol
Status: Married

Master Plumber
Master in Management (UNI Salzburg)
Project & Process Management (UNI Salzburg)
Leadership (St. Gallen)

Mountain - Air Rescue South Tyrol
Working in the mountains


About Peter Christian Pfeifer

Bolzano/Bozen/Sterzing - Peter Trenkwalder is the managing director of the craft company Trenkwalder & Partner in Wiesen/Pfitsch, which is considered a specialist for complicated construction work in the mountains. But at least to the same extent as a craftsman, he is a "headworker": he ponders a lot about his work, the economy, society and politics. He is also a film producer and high ropes course operator.

His task is to create meaning, because if employees see a purpose in what they do, they are motivated. Trenkwalder sees the fact that the four-day week is being discussed more and more frequently as an indication that many employees miss the meaning in what they do.

Trenkwalder has learned that complaining is useless and that bosses are the mirror of their companies: If the mood in the company is bad, if there are problems, if there is a lack of motivation, then the manager must do some soul-searching. Trenkwalder says something else in the podcast: "Young people are much better than we think."


Christian Pfeifer - SWZ

It is not the mountain we conquer - we conquer ourselves

(Edmund Hillary)